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And so we're back!!!

sunny 27 °C

Wow it's been along time since I have wrote a blog entry. We just returned this week from an 11 day cruise through the Caribbean, and I can honestly say that another cruise is not in our future. Unless its on a smaller boat, like the cruise we did in the Galapagos Island's. But cruise's do allow you to see many places in a short period of time. We had 5 ports on our cruise, Aruba, Cartegena Columbia, Panama and the canal, Limon Costa Rica, and Grand Cayman. We travelled a total of 3252 Nautical Miles or 6022 Kilometers, 1nautical mile = 1.852 kms.

We boarded the Coral Princess in Port Everglades, Florida On Satruday Dec 7th. We flew down the day before and spent the morning in Hollywood Florida, having lunch with my uncle and walking around. It was a beautiful sunny +27, a welcome change from the snowy cold -29 of Calgary the day before.

In the afternoon we boarded the Coral Princess, passenger capacity 1974.


The Coral Princess is 956 feet is length, is 203 feet tall, has 16 decks, 1000 cabins and 895 crew members on board. 4 pools, 5 hot tubs, 2 formal dinning rooms, several other restaurants, and food options. A theatre, 3 lounges a main bar, library, gym, spa, card room, shops, a casino and even a smoking room - which made you gag every time you had to walk by it. But since there is no smoking in your cabin or on your balcony, I suppose its needed.

Given the festive time of the year, there were several Christmas trees and decorations about the ship.


As we left Port Everglades and set sail for Aruba, our first 2 days were at sea, we sailed past Cuba and Haiti. During "at sea" days there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy, including lots of eating and drinking a common theme on any cruise boat I'm sure. There was even a an LGBT get together on the boat. So Miguel and I headed down the Wheelhouse bar to have a drink with our fellow gay passengers. We got to the bar and were met by a member of the crew, welcoming us onboard, after about 15 mins we seemed to be the only ones showing up. But along came 2 more gay cruiser's, fashionably late of course. They were from Florida and on the cruise to celebrate a birthday.

Our first night on the ship was quiet and uneventful, we had a great dinner in the Italian restaurant on board. Our waiter was very friendly and shocked that we didn't want to order the full 5 course meal.

Dec 8th and 9th were both sea days, so we familiarized ourselves with the ship and spent sometime in the sun.

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Home Sweet Home

sunny 17 °C

Well our holiday came to and end and we are home. We had a great time and will be visiting Torremolinos again. On our trip home our flight took us over the southern tip of Greenland.

We got some cool photos from the plane.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the blog entries about the trip.

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Madrid part 2

sunny 35 °C

Well our time here in Madrid and Spain are coming to an end. Tomorrow we head back to Barcelona for our final night in Spain and then we will be on our way home.

Today was a hot one 35 degrees, we had a lazy morning and then walked over and caught the Tourist Bus. Its odd here in Spain while the bus's are hop on and hop off, your ticket is good for the entire day. No one ever seems to get off the bus, just more people get on until its full. Everyone just rides around and looks at the scenery. We did get off the bus and go for a couple walks around to look at the area's and get a better feeling of the city.

We hopped off the bus in Chueca area of Madrid which is the gay district, some pride flags were out and they were busy setting up stages and venues for the weekend. Unfortunately we missed the pride parade in Barcelona and we miss the pride parade here in Madrid. But since our trip wasn't specifically planned to take in the pride events, we can always attend Calgary's pride parade.

Back on the bus we continued our way around and got off in the Puerto Del Sol area. The area has a huge shopping district, malls and store's everywhere you looked, and lots of shade that has been created by stringing up banners.


From here we decided not to get back on the bus, but to walk back to our apartment.


Madrid has some great buildings and again quite a different architectural style than Barcelona and Seville. There is lots of Roman influence in Madrid's buildings.

After our day out we found this Kebab house around the corner from our apartment. We shared some great fresh hummus and a bbq kebab platter, excellent food. Most of the food here in Madrid has been very good, there are lots of restaurants and cafes. The service just depends on the place, some have been great and others not so great.

As I said before, Madrid is a very large, busy and dirty city. The one thing I will not miss is the cigarette smoke, cigarette butts and garbage all over the place.

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sunny 33 °C

We made it to Madrid without any issues, the highspeed train is the way to travel. Its so much more relaxed than an airport, which we all know brings out nothing but the best in people. Once in Madrid our apartment was only a 5 min cab ride, we could have very easily walked had we known the way. Our first day in Madrid was spent doing laundry and wandering around the area we are staying in.

Madrid is a large and very busy city and I must say a dirty one, lots of garbage and cigarette butts everywhere. And I don't just mean scraps of paper and little bits of garbage. But whole bags of household trash thrown on the streets near large bins in the hope that someone will pick it up.

None the less it has some beautiful buildings and a huge park in the city called Parque De El Retiro, which is so large you can't even hear the traffic of the city once you are in the middle. Its a beautiful escape located right in the city, many people were out walking, running and enjoying there time in the park.


The Monument to Alfonso XII is also located in the park, you can rent a paddle boat to cruise around the moat in.


We continued our walk through the park and came out at the Puerta De Alcala and the Puerta Del Sol.


Several times on this trip I have wanted a wide angle lens, I think I now know what I want for my birthday that is approaching.

Madrid has no shortage of museum's to visit, during our walk we encountered the Naval Museum, the Museo Thyssen and the Mueso Nacional Del Prado.


Miguel and I are not really big on museum's, but the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Renia Sofia, is right down the street from our apartment and has a Salvador Dali exhibit. In the summer you can actually get in for free after 7 pm, for 2 hours.

After lunch we toured the Real Jardin Botanico.


They had an exhibit of Bonai trees in the garden.


After the garden we decided to head back to the apartment for a little siesta and to update the the blog. On the walk back we encountered some really beautiful buildings. There certainly is no shortage of things to see here in Madrid, besides the garbage.


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Adios Torremolinos

sunny 32 °C

Well our time here in Torremolinos is coming to an end, we have loved every minute of it. Our hotel has been great, everyone is super friendly, the food has been great, the fish and seafood has been exceptional. We would come back here anytime, and would recommend it to any of our friends.

We had another beach day and took a walk around after dinner.


Tomorrow morning we head back into Malaga, which I'm sad to say we have seen next to nothing of. To catch the train and head to Madrid.

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