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Barcelona day 2

overcast 21 °C

Today we hoped aboard the subway to find our way to Barcelona Sants train station. The Barcelona subway was a little confusing at first, but we got to our destination without any trouble. Once there we decide to have a look around this part of the city.

Barcelona has banned bull fighting, and turned the arena into a market place with a roof top area for restaurants and a 360 degree viewing platform.


After a wander around we found our way back to the subway and headed back to La Rambla for some lunch. Its busy area of the city, lots of traffic and people, cafe's and restaurants for your enjoyment.


After lunch we walked around some more and found the first church the Antoni Gaudi designed, June 25th was actually his birthday. We also found a couple of his other designs on our walk.


During our stroll we found a very cool little place called Enrique Tomas, specializing in Iberian Ham. We were watching a guy carve some up, he gave us a small sample. Some of the ham was 299 euros a pound.


But our day was coming to an end, time for some sangria and tapas.

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sunny 25 °C

We made it to Barcelona without any problems, and what a beautiful city. So many old buildings, great architecture and things to see. Well I have finally been able to upload photos and can start to share the Spain part of our trip with you.

We had a lazy morning and headed down the street towards Sagrada Familia. We didn't have the favorite breakfast here in Barcelona, which is churro's dipped in chocolate sauce.


Instead we found some yummy Empanada's and nice strong coffee.

We walked around Sagrada Familia and found the line up, it was a little too long for our liking.


We decided to take a walk around and see what could find, we found a beautiful city.


We walked down La Rambla through Parc de la Ciutadella and towards the water front.


Along the board walk was a little open air market, with some vendors.


After about 4 hours of walking around we decided to head back to our apartment, which was very nice. We stopped for a beer, and some tapas as everyone here eats dinner about 8 pm.


We had a great first day in Barcelona and were looking forward to our second.

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Last Day in Iceland

semi-overcast 10 °C

Well we are down to our last day here in Iceland, tomorrow its off for sunny Spain. We just had a relaxing day, did laundry and watched the news and twitter feed of the flooding going on in Southern Alberta. We hope that all of our friends and family back home in Calgary are safe, we know that you will take care of each other.

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Dive Day

sunny 12 °C

Well today was dive day, and the sun was out who could ask for anything more. I got picked up at our apartment and whisked away with 7 other divers to Thingvellir National Park to do the Silfra Dive. The SILFRA Rift is an absolute world class dive site due to two main reasons. First of all you are diving in a crack between the American and Eurasian continents. It's the place where the continental plates meet and drift apart about 2cm per year. Secondly the visibility that you will experience will rarely be surpassed, if ever. 100m+! The reasons for this clarity are twofold: the water is cold ( 2 °C - 4 °C all year ) since it's the melting water from a glacier about 50km away and has traveled through the lava fields for many years before coming out at the north end of Thingvellir lake through underground wells.

At the dive site we did our briefing and were introduced to our entry point.


The old dive site entrance was just some stone steps down to the water, but a new entry point was put in with some nice sturdy steps and a hand rail to help your entry into the water.


Our dive would take us down this channel and out into 2 area's the cathedral and the lagoon. Unfortunately I didn't realize how cold I was most of the underwater pictures turned out very blurry. I did manage to take a few good ones though, the visibility and clear clean water on this dive was amazing. Divers and snorkelers can drink the water if they get thirsty. I did a couple times.


At the end of the dives its pretty amazing to think about where you are and area you just swam through. The continental plates are very slowly drifting apart in this area and may eventually split Iceland in to 2 separate islands.

An to top it all of it was a beautiful day in Thingvellir. Thanks again to DIVE.IS for a great dive and an awesome experience. If you coming to Iceland and looking for a dive company, I high recommend DIVE.IS. The staff and gear were great, and the hot chocolate is excellent.

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Blue Lagoon part 2

semi-overcast 10 °C

This morning we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast before we had to be back at he Blue Lagoon for our in water relaxing massage. Since we stayed the the hotel we were able to enter the Blue Lagoon for free. We got our towels and our big fuzzy bath robes and off we went.

We headed over to the massage and therapy area for our appointments. Once they have you relaxed on a floating mattress, they take a warm wet blanket and cover you up. Every 10 minutes or so they dip your body under the water to warm the blanket up again. The massage oil is the Blue Lagoon brand which I also saw in the gift shop for $50 for 150ml. Needless to say we got our monies worth again.

It was a very relaxing experience floating in the water and having a massage. After our hour was up they let you wake up on your own in a little circular pool so you don't float to far away.

We toured the rest of the lagoon and found the area where the geothermal sea water enters the lagoon, this was the place to hang out if you like hot water. After another handful of silica mud for my face, I'm thinking about $150 bucks worth at least we had both had enough of being wet. A quick shower and more Blue Lagoon products to help get the silica outta all the cracks and crevasses we were done. It was defiantly as experience to remember. We took a trip trip down to Grindavik on the south east side of the island and found a sleepy little fishing village.

Back in Reykjavik we were both ready for lunch and then a nap. Reykjavik actually has is own little raw restaurant - Glo, actually they have 3 locations in Reykjavik. The food was great and actually some of the cheapest food we had in Iceland. Food here is quite expensive, restaurants, grocery stores you name it, its expensive. Although everything we have had so far has been very good.

Another great day, but after our massage neither of us felt like doing much so we stuck close to home. But the SUN did come out today for a few hours, so we did get out for a walk in it. Tomorrow is another big day - Dive Day.

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