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Beach Day

sunny 30 °C

After breakfast we headed across the street to the beach.

Torremolinos has beach culture down to an art. The hotels and apartments are located across the street from the beach. Along the beach there are several restaurants that have comfy lounge chairs and cabana's for rent, a lounge chair will cost 4.50 euros for the day. Your ticket includes a bottle of water from the restaurant that you rented your chair from. The restaurants all provide food and drink service on the beach. Or you can head up to the many little grocery stores and kiosks and get what you want. There are public beach area's as well if you don't wish to pay for a chair.


After a few hours in the sun, we decided to head back to our hotel for a quick dip in the pool and find some lunch. After lunch we went for a stroll in the other direction and found more beach.


A very cool old building caught our eye on our walk, Casa de los Navajas or The House of Knives.


In 1991 the house was declared a building of cultural interest by the Andalusian government and in July 2001 the family of Luque Navajas formalized the transfer rights of the house over to the municipality of Torremolinos, the building is not subject to modification or urban development. Since then, a programme of restoration has supposedly taken place to make it a museum, but apart from the tended gardens, this building remains locked-up and its interior a mystery.

There is a large British expat community here in Torremolinos and I can easily see why, its a beautiful area of Spain and we would come back anytime.

Well I think my blog is finally caught up, hope your enjoying following along. We have been keeping up with all that has been happening in Calgary during the flood and its clean up. We hope all our friends and their families are well and wish all the best to the 1000's of people who have been affected by this disaster.

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Adios Sevilla and Ola Torremolinos

sunny 28 °C

This morning we had breakfast got all packed up and headed off to the bus station. Three hours later we were standing the bus station in Malaga. We inquired where the train station in Malaga was located and found out it was just across the street in the mall. We headed over to get the rest of our train tickets in order, so our trip to Madrid would be booked.

Outside the station we caught a cab and 20 minutes later we were checking in to our hotel and looking at the view from our balcony.


It was a great idea to change our trip and head down to Torremolinos, the beach stretches for miles.


Miguel and I took a stroll around and picked out a restaurant for dinner and had a great feast.


Needless to say we were very happy with our decision to alter our trip.

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Sevilla part 2

sunny 34 °C

Our second day in Seville was just as hot, after breakfast we headed over to the area to catch the tourist bus to see the city. Lots of architecture and old buildings to see, you could immediately see the different influence in the architecture here than what we saw in Barcelona. A very moorish/islamic feel to the buildings here in Seville.

On our tour we saw the Plaza Del Torros where they still hold bullfights.


The tomb of Christopher Columbus resides here in Seville, but the contents of the tomb are open to debate. Popular belief says his remains are located in the Dominican Republic.


Seville was not my favorite part of this trip, while it is a beautiful city the very "mañana" attitude of is citizen's was wearing thin on me. We did have great service at our hotel and at a couple restaurants, but basically service was very slow, food service was very slow. We did find the food quality to be less than what we had experienced in Barcelona, but cheaper as well.

Anyway tomorrow its was off to Cordoba and then to Granada. Miguel and I got to talking in the afternoon and decided to change things up a little bit. We cancelled our reservations in Cordoba and in Granada and decided to head to Malaga and the Costa Del Sol. Specifically we decided to go to Torremolinos.

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sunny 32 °C

After a mix up with our train tickets, actually we had the EUrail pass but not our tickets. Our travel agent in Calgary had them sent to the agency office and then never bothered to call us about them. Partially our own fault for thinking we had everything we needed and trusting that the agency would do it job properly.

We bought new tickets and were on our way, we were just glad we went to the station ahead of time incase there was an issue. Aboard the AVE was great, we paid the little extra to travel first class and it was worth the extra money. Since it was an early morning train we got breakfast served to us, it a great way to travel. Once outside the city limits of Barcelona the train picked up speed and pretty soon we were cruising along at 300 km/h, the train is very smooth and comfortable. But if you blink while watching the scenery go by you miss something. During the trip we kept seeing fields of neat planted rows of trees, so we were thinking orchards. But we were wrong, they are olive trees and a few grape vines thrown in for good measure.

Our train stopped in Madrid before heading off to Seville, so we had a little break in the train station and boarded again for the last part of our journey.

We got into Seville and realized we had found the heat 32 degrees, we got to our hotel and went right out for some tapas and beer. After our snack we had a walk around and noticed the city seemed almost deserted. Almost everything was closed and everyone was off the streets, Seville takes a siesta during the heat of the day, from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm its like the city almost shuts down. Very cool but also frustrating at times.


We found ourselves in the Plaza des Armas, where the old train station has been converted into a market place. After our walk around we headed for some dinner and back to our hotel. Which was very nice located close to everything and down a windy narrow one way street. It had a couple nice little open air courtyards located in the centre of the building and lots of beautiful tile work.


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Sagrada Familia

semi-overcast 20 °C

Today we got up a little earlier and headed down to our favorite little break spot for some empanada's and a nutella crepe, nice healthy breakfast. I don't remember the last time I ate nutella and I now know why - very sweet stuff.


We got in line for Sagrada Familia, you can buy these tickets online if you wish. But our rental apartment didn't have a printer so we were stuck standing in line. Which by 9 am stretched 1/2 way around the building. The line actually moved pretty quickly we were only in line for 45 mins. The time was well worth it to see Gaudi's masterpiece. Sagrada Familia or Church of the Holy Family is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ground was first broken on the site in 1882 and the estimated completion date of the project is 2026-2028, approximately 146 years of construction.


The church is beautiful inside, lots of arches, nooks and crannies. They do hold mass inside the church, while we were inside there was a worker way up on one of the ledges doing some work. He drew lots of peoples attention as he repelled down from his lofty perch.


After our time in the church we hopped aboard the tourist bus for a trip around the city, as Miguel and I were looking at the map it dawned on us we had walk to most of the stops on the bus route. So we relaxed and let the bus take us around and listened to the commentary as we toured around.


We ended the day with some yummy authentic paella and headed back to the apartment to pack and get ready for our trip on the AVE train - Alta Velocidad Española.

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